March 15, 2020

4: 4. Supercharging Network and Surviving an Apocalypse in a Tesla

John and Josh sit down and dissect the last TOCO meeting where we had the head of Supercharging for Tesla in Canada come out and give a presentation. It was eye opening. We also dive into some cool tips and talk about how to survive an apocalypse in a tesla.
March 1, 2020

3: 3. To those who paved the way. We salute you.

John & Josh invite Jaff Stevenson on the podcast to talk about what life was like back in the beginning of Tesla world. We also talk history of the company and dive into many tips and tricks!
February 20, 2020

2: 2. What the hell is PPF?

PPF is super important because it helps protect your paint. Lorenzo and Brooks who are ludicrous sponsors of the Tesla Owners Club of Ontario walk us through the cost, pros and cons about protecting your Tesla. These guys know their onions. Make sure you mention you are part of the club when you go to these guys for a special price! You can find them online! https://topgeerwraps.ca/ https://www.inceptionautodetailing.com/